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You’ll find articles, videos, fact sheets, tips, team activities, strategy descriptions, best practices, and how-to topics.  A smorgasbord of great ideas and activities that work.  For quick printing, easy sharing and effective use by organizational change strategists, patient experience champions, healthcare leaders, physicians and staff.

Accountability Resources
Help change agents and leaders raise expectations, enlist employee commitment, verify use of skills and best practices, and intervene effectively to help everyone on the team move from “good” to “great”.
Change Agent Skills
Find tools here that help change agents enlist engagement, crystallize implementation plans, manage strategy implementation, prevent and handle resistance and partner with key players to ensure alignment and sustainability.
Empathy in Healthcare Professionals | Empathy Skills Applied
Language of Caring provides tools for building empathy in healthcare professionals and empathy training for doctors and nurses.
Employee Engagement Resources
These resources identify the factors key to employee engagement and illustrate concrete strategies for strengthening employee engagement and the exceptional patient experience.
See the solid evidence base and key references that make the case for the power of effective communication, the teachability of empathy, and the skill sets in the Language of Caring for Staff and the Language of Caring for Physicians.
Language of Caring Program Information
Find here Fact Sheets, client stories and testimonials that illuminate the benefits and features of the Language of Caring for Staff and the Language of Caring for Physicians programs.
Leadership Resources
Find here articles, tools and examples to help you strengthen your personal leadership effectiveness and mobilize the entire leadership team to advance and sustain patient experience improvements.
Nurse Communication
Pivotal to patient healing and the HCAHPS composite most highly related to patients’ overall ratings of their experience, find here tools to help nurses communicate with compassion and caring and strengthen their central role in patient-centered care and the patient, family and team experience.
Patient-Family Engagement Resources
You’ll find here articles and tools for strengthening the language of engagement and mobilizing all caregivers to collaborate with patients and families to ensure optimal care plans and outcomes, as well as emotional support.
Physician Engagement and Communication
Find here strategy options, wise counsel and concrete tools for mobilizing physician leaders to champion the exceptional patient experience and lead the way to breakthroughs. You’ll also find tools and resources for improving physician communication and the doctor-patient relationship.
PX ROI and Strategy Planning
Find here evidence of Return on Investment for improving communication and the patient experience as well as resources that help you engage people in planning strategies ands tactics that make your investment reap the intended benefits.
Quick Tips Videos
Quick Tips on the Patient Experience videos provide you and your team with effective, easy-to-implement tips and skills for improving the patient experience and transforming culture.
Reinforcement/Sustainability Resources
Long-term gains and a culture of “Always” rely on ongoing reinforcement and tactics to ensure sustainability. See examples, success stories, and recommendations here.
Team Relationships
These tools and resources help leaders mobilize teams, provide positive and constructive leadership and coaching, install groundrules for effective teamwork, develop cohesion, and ensure achievement of team goals.

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