Principles To Improve The Healthcare Experience | Language of Caring

Language of Caring goes beyond theories to empower you and your healthcare team with inspiration, focus, and concrete skills that improve the patient experience and create a culture of caring.

By applying the Language of Caring®, organizations will benefit from the realization—and activation—of our four guiding principles:

1. Improve communication and you will achieve breakthroughs. Researchers have demonstrated that communication quality has a powerful impact on these key result areas for healthcare organizations:

2. Communication of caring—communication that is empathic, compassionate, and heartwarming—is especially important and frequently absent. While there’s no question that people in healthcare roles are caring people, that doesn’t mean that they communicate their caring. Dedicated employees and physicians face heavy workloads, stress and a multitude of responsibilities. Observe and you will likely see that most communication with patients, families, and coworkers is primarily task-oriented. Communication of caring is relatively scarce.

Language of Caring is dedicated to helping everyone in healthcare effectively communicate their caring – to convey empathy, to personalize their connection with people, to reduce patient and family anxiety, and to earn people’s trust, engagement, confidence, and partnership.

3. The skills for communicating caring are neither soft, nor elusive.

4. Patient and team satisfaction go hand in hand. When you engage the healthcare team in communicating their caring, more than just the patient and family experience improves. Employees and providers reconnect to their inspiring mission, savor their contribution to people’s health and well being, and as a result, feel less stressed and more gratified in their caring work.

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