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Introducing the Caring Culture Survey

Do you want to achieve and sustain a caring culture in which everyone demonstrates compassion, dignity and respect for every person, even when no one is watching? Language of Caring® is excited to offer the Caring Culture Survey – a validated tool for measuring the amount of caring and empathy in an organizational culture.

Why use the Caring Culture Survey?

• Assess the need you have for culture change
• Establish a baseline measure of your culture before undertaking improvement initiatives
• Monitor the impact of interventions (e.g. in-house, Language of Caring, Planetree Certification) on your organization’s culture
• Identify strengths and improvement opportunities, so you can celebrate what’s working and pursue improvements


• Fully validated (Mensik, Leebov & Steinbinder, Caregivers Help Define a Tool to Measure Culture of Care. J Nurs Admin; 49(3); 2019)
• Two versions: For Direct Caregivers and for Indirect Caregivers
• Quick to complete and easy to administer with hot-link
• Frequent updates on your participation rate so you can take action to ensure that your results are meaningful
• Comprehensive Results Report with an overall score, scores for three attributes (Leader Caring, Coworker Caring, and Personal Caring) and individual items, a Results Summary, and concrete Action Recommendations

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