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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Language of Caring for Physicians cost?

The cost depends on several factors. Please click here to inquire for your organization. Jill Golde will provide a price quote for you.

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We’ve done communication training for doctors before. How is this different?

It depends on exactly what you’ve done. Our team will explore with you what you’ve already accomplished and clarify how and if this program will add significant value. We’ve found that most organizations have provided physicians with training in isolated chunks, without providing the ongoing support needed to help physicians apply the skills and become increasingly effective. The Language of Caring for Physicians is a long-term, in-depth skill-building program with options to provide peer coaching, skill practice, and other approaches to improvement and habit-building.

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Our medical staff hasn’t been very open to training opportunities, especially on “soft skills.” How do you deal with resistance?

Partnering with your physician leaders and other providers, we develop a strong plan upfront that starts by identifying the key message points that anticipate and address likely resistance and make a strong case for “Why this? Why now?”

The program is strong at defining the communication skills, so that they no longer feel “soft” and our video modules are presented by skilled physicians which makes the case for the value and impact of these skills. We help you develop physician champions and train your in-house people so you can present this program as “For Physicians, By Physicians.”

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Our physicians are overloaded and say they don’t have time for skill development. Or they say, “It can’t take more than 10 minutes!” How do you get around that?

You’re right. That’s why we decided to create eight modules to allow physicians to focus on one competency at a time over several months. The team workshop on each competency is only 30 minutes long. And physicians have access to the videos and handouts on the Client Portal and mobile phones. We did everything possible to respect physicians’ precious time, while still providing a substantial learning experience.

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We’ve implemented the Language of Caring for Staff. Is this program the same as that, except with physician examples?

This program certainly aligns with the Language of Caring for Staff. However, the competency set goes far beyond “communicating with caring.” It addresses eight communication and interpersonal skill competencies, including Collaboration and Teamwork, Effective Explanations, Effective Openings and Closings, Hard Conversations, and more. The recommended practices derive from research evidence. And all examples are realistic for physicians and other providers.

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Will this program help us transition to being a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Absolutely! In three ways:

  • PCMHs need to be above all “patient and family-centered.” The Language of Caring for Physicians addresses the “Communication Essentials for Patient-Centered Care”.
  • Some clients working on PCMH implementation are including all staff in the program, because they are intent on helping every staff member operate “at the top of their licenses.”
  • The learning process builds a common language and mindset for patient-centered care and the team sessions (which can be done in staff meetings), build teamwork and collaboration—pivotal to the Patient-Centered Medical Home.
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Does this program work for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners?

Yes, definitely. Many clients include providers of all kinds, including advanced practice nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

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What proof do you have that the program works?

The program began in 2012. Our clients are tracking their results, using HCAHPS, CG-CAHPS, and point-of-service evaluation systems. We’ll post their data ASAP. As of now, here’s what we know:

  • The competencies we address are grounded in solid research that demonstrates the impact of specific skills on patient outcomes.
  • 100% of the clients who have piloted the program with one or a few target groups have decided to extend the program to all their physicians.
  • Testimonials from physicians engaged in the program are very positive, exceeding our clients’ expectations about their medical staff’s receptivity.
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Do you grant CMEs for this program?

We are not a CME sponsor. However, the program is CME-ready and you can easily submit it for approval through your regular CME provider. We make this easy for you by providing you with a turnkey CME package that includes all of the information needed to gain approval, e.g. program description, agenda, methods, credit hours, references, and evaluation devices.

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