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Language of Caring for Physicians


Realities for Physicians

Strengthen physicians’ and other providers’ communication and everyone benefits.

Developed by Wendy Leebov, Ed.D. and Carla Rotering, M.D. and grounded in an exhaustive study of evidence-based best practices, Language of Caring for Physicians® develops key communication competencies with eight modules that help busy, caring providers engage patients and make their caring felt by patients, family members, and coworkers. Language of Caring® coaches help you tailor the optimal implementation plan, so the process engages providers and is seamless and efficient for your organization.

Language of Caring for Physicians Skill Modules

  1. The Communication Solution
  2. Mindful Practice
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork
  4. Effective Openings and Closings
  5. Engaging Patients and Families as Partners
  6. Communicating with Empathy
  7. Effective Explanations
  8. Hard Conversations


“Sometimes you forget the real reason that you went into medicine — to help people and to really offer them peace of mind during times of distress. I think Language of Caring really does a nice job of breaking down the doctor-patient relationship and what’s important about that. Our patient surveys have reflected an increase in patient satisfaction. I feel like it has solidified my relationships with my patients … Once you start practicing that with patients, it spills over into the co-worker environment as well.”

Dr. Anna Likhacheva
Radiation Oncology
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Among Language of Caring Clients
MedStar Washington Hospital Center, DC
Stony Brook Medicine, NY
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY
Desert Oasis Healthcare, CA
Southeastern Health, NC
University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, MD
Health First, FL
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, WI
Adelante Healthcare, AZ
Lone Star Circle of Care, TX
MedStar Medical Group, MD

Learn about our online CME program for providers to complete individually at their convenience by visiting the Advanced Communication for Physicians™ program.

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