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Language of Caring Programs

Implemented by more than 400 organizations that span the full continuum of care, Language of Caring® programs help all members of the healthcare team develop, master and apply the communication skills that show their empathy and caring, that enhance collaboration and effectiveness, and that strengthen the professional pride and satisfaction that come with more connection in their daily interactions.  Learn more about the proven impact of communication.

There are multiple Language of Caring programs that you can choose from, each designed differently to fit your goals, target groups, and resources. We offer programs for staff only, physicians only, and entire teams. You can engage at different levels, ranging from e-learning courses to onsite consulting and long-term partnerships. These programs work for all healthcare organizations along the healthcare continuum: hospitals, outpatient centers, home care, medical offices, AND we have specialized programs for long-term care and rural organizations.

Features across ALL Programs

Learn about the results clients are achieving with Language of Caring programs.

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