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Communicating Empathy: the Heart Head Heart Method

Empowering the caring people in healthcare to communicate with empathy and compassion consistently in everyday interactions.

Grounded in best practices for successful training, this program engages entire teams in mastering and applying the Heart-Head-Heart method — the core Language of Caring® model for making empathic, mindful communication a consistent in all interactions. This program is completely “do-it-yourself”, designed to be implemented by your leaders, patient experience champions and educators.

The results you can expect:

The Communicating Empathy program kit includes an effective instructional video on the Heart-Head-Heart Method as well as all you need to create an effective rollout plan, train facilitators, prepare team leaders to follow-up with skill practice, mastery and coaching, and more.

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“I believe the stress in today’s healthcare environment threatens the delivery of compassionate care. Most providers and team members believe that caring and compassion are woven into their everyday interactions; our patients and families don’t always experience that. The Heart-Head-Heart method makes compassionate communication a more consistent reality.” – Barbara Buscaglia, MSN, RN. Chief Nursing Officer, Rochester Regional Health

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