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Person-Centered Care and Caring Communication, Now More Than Ever!

The COVID pandemic has been a powerful reminder that we live in a complex and unpredictable world. Despite this, teams implementing Planetree and Language of Caring® around the world are coping, adapting, and managing in the face of these challenges. How do we know this? Because from the onset of the pandemic, they have been sharing the full range of their experiences with us – their struggles and their successes. Click here to see the six themes that are fundamental to their continued success.

Helping organizations create cultures of caring and empathy.

Language of Caring partners with healthcare organizations across the continuum of care to make compassion and powerfully effective communication permeate all interactions with patients, families and coworkers. Through our communication skill-building and culture building programs, we help all individuals consistently make their compassion and caring intentional, visible, impactful, and genuine.

Why Language of Caring?

Among Language of Caring Clients

Connect with us to learn how we can help you create a caring community where staff engage, physicians prefer to practice, and patients rave about the people and their care.

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