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Patient Experience Solutions for Rural Health Care

Driven by a passionate commitment to improve the human experience in healthcare, Language of Caring® helps rural healthcare organizations establish an explicit, powerful standard for communicating with empathy and caring.  By engaging everyone in mastering and using concrete skills that express connection and caring, we help create a caring community where staff love to work, physicians want to practice, and patients rave about the people and their care.

Results You Can Expect
• Everyone speaking a common language of empathic communication, engagement and partnership
• Greater trust, respect and confidence from patients, families, and community—and improved patient outcomes
• A better reputation and family loyalty that inspire your community to “stay local” for their care
• Higher CAHPS and Star Ratings with higher reimbursement; fewer complaints and lawsuits
• Employees and physicians as ambassadors who help you recruit and retain talented staff

About the Language of Caring Programs for Rural Health: Onsite, Virtual & E-Learning Options to Fit Your Goals, Target Groups, and Resources

Do you want to strengthen the empathy skills of all of your staff?

Communicating Empathy: The Heart-Head-Heart Method: powerful do-it-yourself program kit that helps you train nurses, physicians, techs, and all staff in ONE SKILL that makes their caring visible and felt in every day interactions.

Do you want to strengthen provider communication with patients and families?

Advanced Communication for Physicians:  e-learning course that helps physicians and advanced Practice Providers earn patient trust, confidence, engagement and partnership, and bring joy to the practice of medicine. Earns 4 CME credits.

Do you want your organization to be known for a wall-to-wall culture of caring?

Language of Caring for Entire Teams: mobilizes and engages physicians and ALL staff togeter in mastering a powerful set of empathic, person-centered communication skills. Includes onsite services, facilitator training, and ongoing support.

“Our team members are much more engaged and much more welcoming, warm and enthusiastic not only
with patients, but also with each other. And it feels absolutely genuine. If someone asked me about
Language of Caring, I’d say—it’s about caring and it’s about authenticity.”
— Carlos Castaneda, Strategic Programs Coordinator Adelante Healthcare (AZ)

“Excellent for developing and enhancing communication skills for interactions with patients, families,
and colleagues…beneficial to any physician at any stage in their career.”
—Donna Bhisitkul, Medical Director, Pediatric E.D.

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