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Language of Caring for Entire Teams

Inspire a caring community where staff love to work, physicians want to practice, and patients rave about the people and their care.

Language of Caring® for Entire Teams is the proven skill-building solution that mobilizes and engages all physicians and staff together in mastering and applying empathic, relationship-centered communication skills in every interaction with patients, families and each other.

Benefits and Results

• An aligned, energized and collaborative team
• Everyone speaking a common language of empathic communication, engagement and partnership
• Shared understanding of the connections between compassionate, effective communication and patient safety, clinical outcomes, CAHPS scores, financial performance and joy at work
• Patients and families who are less anxious, more trusting, engaged and appreciative
• Fewer complaints, improved safety, higher CAHPS scores, and patient loyalty
• Heightened physician and staff engagement, satisfaction and joy at work

Caring Communication: The Language of Caring Skill Set

Grounded in evidence about the behavioral factors with the greatest impact on the patient, family and healthcare team experience, Language of Caring training focuses on five advanced communication competencies key to an enduring culture of caring:

Features of the Training Approach

Typical Implementation Process

  1. Alignment and Planning
  2. Leadership Kickoff
  3. Facilitator Training
  4. Jumpstart Workshop for Physicians and Staff Together
  5. Role-Specific Skill Modules
    • Language of Caring for Staff®
    • Language of Caring for Physicians®
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Sustainment: Mastery and Reinforcement

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