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Physician Engagement and Communication

Find here strategy options, wise counsel and concrete tools for mobilizing physician leaders to champion the exceptional patient experience and lead the way to breakthroughs. You’ll also find tools and resources for improving physician communication and the doctor-patient relationship.

Jeremy Blanchard, M.D., MMM, CPE, Chief Medical Officer & Coach at Language of Caring® explains how empathic communication improves the patient and family care experience, patient engagement, quality and patient safety scores, and restores the joy in practicing medicine.

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“The antidote to exhaustion is not rest. It is wholeheartedness.”– David Whyte, poet

It is a shame for uninspiring, soul-crushing work environments to cause previously dedicated employees to jump ship, looking for more satisfying work. At the same time, most people have at least occasionally experienced precious moments of feeling fully engaged at work, when high performance and high fulfillment come together.

How can we, as leaders and change agents help create a work environment and conditions which enable such moments to occur? How can we nurture and encourage employees’ natural motivation to provide caring? How can we inspire and engage our teams to bring their souls to their work?

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Concepts of gender are changing. Equal and compassionate care can be hard to get for someone who is transgender. Many avoid seeking medical attention out of fear of discrimination. Physicians can play a powerful role by welcoming these patients to their new gender, facilitating their transition, and helping them experience the same quality of care and caring that all people deserve. These communication keys, tips and resources from Language of Caring can help healthcare providers give transgendered individuals equal and compassionate care, sensitive to their particular situation.

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Watch Wendy Leebov, EdD founder and partner of Language of Caring, explain how to use Electronic Health Records and other tech devices in a way that enhances the patient experience.

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