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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had leadership programs before – canned programs that don’t quite relate to our people or our needs. Are your leadership programs canned?

We always customize our leadership development services. We start by partnering with your key stakeholders to understand your circumstances and needs and make sure we provide the program/service that will reap the results you want. After this important groundwork, we tailor our services to your culture, values, time constraints, people’s previous experiences, strategic initiatives and skill levels.

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Is there a particular leadership development theory you rely on?

No, not one theory. Language of Caring partners, Jill Golde, Wendy Leebov and Dorothy Sisneros bring to the Language of Caring many years of design and execution of leadership development programs. We’ve blended the best from each of us to produce powerful programs for our clients.

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So many leadership development efforts really don’t produce results. How do you make sure yours do?

First of all, we make it a priority to connect the leadership development to your organization’s mission, vision, values and strategies. We connect the dots so leaders see how the skills at hand will take them where they want to and need to go.  We also build in methods and tools for follow-up, skill application and reinforcement. For instance, we provide a guide to seven strategies for keeping your leaders engaged, as well as skill practice and mastery activities for use with each leader’s work team.  And, we also help interested clients to build Leadership “Help Teams” in which leaders work on skill use over time with peers across organizational lines. The long-term effects need to be planned for in the upfront design of the total experience. We partner with you to make sure that happens.

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