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Language of Caring Webinar Series

Each patient experience webinar will focus and enrich your team with cutting-edge information and proven tools they can use to achieve and strengthen patient-centered care, the patient and family experience, employee engagement, nurse communication, the doctor-patient relationship, leadership, accountability, change management, and much more…

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We’re Here to Help! Get to Know Planetree International and Language of Caring®

Wednesday, October 28, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4). Register now!

Planetree International and Language of Caring partner with healthcare organizations to strengthen what matters most: delivery of the highest quality of health care rooted in kindness, compassion and respect.

Join our introductory webinar to learn how person-centered care programs and services help organizations like yours make their caring visible, especially during these tremendously difficult times. Learn how we partner with patients, families and the entire organization. The results? A lived experience of empathy and compassion through a caring culture and a caring community.

Presented by

Karin Jay

Senior VP, Global Services

Planetree International


Jill Golde

Senior VP, Global Services

Language of Caring


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