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Each patient experience webinar will focus and enrich your team with cutting-edge information and proven tools they can use to achieve and strengthen patient-centered care, the patient and family experience, employee engagement, nurse communication, the doctor-patient relationship, leadership, accountability, change management, and much more…

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Going the Extra Mile to Care for Our Caregivers – May 28th at 2pm EDT

Hear stories and practical guidance on caring for our caregivers–presented by five different leaders of person-centered organizations.

The physical, emotional and psychological toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers has been well documented, but perhaps not yet fully grasped. The stories of sacrifice, courage, dedication and professionalism have been powerful and moving. But there have also been those who have suffered in silence, and who have been affected by trauma as a result of the experience. It is clear that now, more than ever, going even further to care for our caregivers is of utmost importance.

Protecting, supporting and caring for all healthcare workers must be a vital component of COVID-19 response efforts. In this webinar, leaders from among some of the most hard-hit care settings will offer guidance on focusing care for the caregiver efforts on what matters most, as well as pitfalls to avoid. They will share practical strategies for addressing current needs, while also looking ahead to what it will take to meet caregivers’ evolving needs into the future.

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Introduction to Language of Caring®June 18th at 2pm EDT

Learn more about Language of Caring’s programs and services for improving staff and provider communication and strengthening your culture of caring in this free 30-minute webinar overview. Register now!

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