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Introducing Webinar Replays

Now offering Webinar Replays: Do-it-yourself resources that offer insights and tools related to employee engagement, accountability, hiring, and patient-centered care, all with the goal of improving the patient, family, and team experience.

Each Webinar Replay includes:


Three Webinar Replays Available Now

(More coming soon)


Fostering Soul-Full WorkLet’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room: Accountability Skills for the Quality Patient Experience.


Offers leaders concrete approaches for holding staff accountable and helping them achieve higher levels of performance.

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Fostering Soul-Full WorkFostering Soul-Full Work


Helps leaders and teams reconnect to their energy and purpose, so they become more fulfilled and gratified in their work.

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Fostering Soul-Full WorkHow to Hire Caring Communicators


Identifies and illustrates powerful strategies for hiring the right people who are ready, willing and able to create exceptional experiences for patients, families and colleagues starting Day One.

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