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Evidence-based, skill-building programs that will inspire your healthcare team in the practice of caring communication and patient-centered care

Language of Caring for Staff®

Language of Caring for Staff is a dynamic, evidence-based strategy designed to help your healthcare teams show how much they care; improve your patient outcomes, CAHPS scores, and financial health; ensure patient safety; and support your organization’s mission.

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Language of Caring for Physicians®

Language of Caring for Physicians is the proven skill-building strategy that engages and builds community among providers to help them be more effective with patients, families and colleagues. It is a team-based strategy led by your organization’s physician leaders and champions with guidance and support from Language of Caring certified coaches.

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Language of Caring for Entire Teams

Language of Caring for Entire Teams is the proven skill-building solution that mobilizes and engages all physicians and staff together in mastering and applying empathic, relationship-centered communication skills in interactions with patients, families and each other.  This program is a blend of the above two programs – Language of Caring for Staff and Language of Caring for Physicians and is a fit for those looking for organization-wide culture building.

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Advanced Communication for Physicians

Advanced Communication for Physicians is an e-learning, CME program for individual providers that builds the communication competencies for a more effective and joyful practice. It is a fit for leaders looking for a program that physicians can complete individually at their convenience as well as for providers looking to improve their own communication competency.

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Communicating Empathy: The Heart-Head-Heart Method

Communicating Empathy: The Heart-Head-Heart Method is the new “do-it-yourself” program that prompts the caring people in healthcare to communicate with empathy and compassion, by teaching the core skill from Language of Caring: the Heart-Head-Heart method. This program is designed to be implemented by your leaders, patient experience champions and educators to your staff, physicians, and entire teams.

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