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Mission-Driven CaringLast month, I had the pleasure of attending the Catholic Health Assembly Conference: Building Bridges by Faith in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I presented the Language of Caring® message as it applies especially to faith-based health organizations. I was inspired by how a focus on communicating compassion resonated with leaders who attended. It resonated with them personally and with their organizations’ missions.

I’d like to share a summary of key drivers and priorities for action that can help healthcare professionals express compassion so that it permeates their organizational culture.

Priorities for Action Key Drivers
Make compassionate communication a breakthrough objective and develop a systematic approach to communication skill-building and sustainment Communicating with compassion is central to:

  • our caring mission
  • positive patient experience ratings
  • well-being of patients and families
  • well-being of colleagues
Enable our teams to express their caring and make their loving-kindness felt Model language skills that build trust, ease anxiety, and communicate caring in everyday interactions
Inspire staff engagement and connection to their helping mission
  • Develop skills in caring communication
  • Recognize and spotlight people who exemplify caring
  • Share stories of acts of caring
Improve financial health of the organization by helping associates communicate effectively and compassionately Improving the patient experience strengthens financial performance by:

  • encouraging patient loyalty
  • reducing staff turnover and increasing retention
  • enabling recruitment of highly qualified staff
  • improving your reputation
  • increasing referrals
  • lowering costs through shorter hospital stays and lower rate of readmission

(Deloitte, The Value of Patient Experience 2017; Schwartz Center, Building Compassion into the Bottom Line; March 2013)

Want to share your organization’s experience making compassion come alive in interactions with patients, families, and associates? Or want to learn how Language of Caring can help you make that happen? Contact me at [email protected] or 314-571-9607.

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