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Language of Caring and Planetree International Complete Strategic Merger

Two industry leaders join forces to change the conversation about how quality healthcare is defined, delivered and experienced.

February 7, 2019  (Derby, CT) – Today begins an exciting new chapter for Planetree International and Language of Caring®. The two organizations announced a strategic merger that will magnify the global impact of their efforts to make healthcare better for all by improving the interpersonal interactions that occur in care settings. The work of both organizations draws on the growing scientific research that shows healthcare delivered with caring and compassion creates better health outcomes for patients and healthcare workers.

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“I could not be more thrilled to bring together the talent, expertise, tools, resources and skills training of our two organizations,” said Susan Frampton, president of Planetree International. “In the team at Language of Caring, we have found the most compatible of partners. We share a deep passion for ensuring that caring attitudes and visible expressions of care are prevalent in every healthcare interaction. We also know we can’t take compassion in healthcare as a given. It must be taught, cultivated and enabled to occur within a broader organizational culture of person-centered care.”

The strategic merger will bring together Language of Caring’s proven communication skills training and state-of-the-art virtual learning platform with Planetree’s organizational cultural assessment process, leadership coaching, person-centered care team training and skill building as well as its Person-Centered Care Certification Program™, the only certification program of its kind to recognize organizational excellence in person-centered care. This combination of offerings will create a more extensive menu of services to support healthcare teams in navigating today’s challenges while maintaining a focus on those elements of healthcare quality that matter most to patients and families.

Says Language of Caring Founder Wendy Leebov, “My partners and the entire Language of Caring team are thrilled to join forces with Planetree International. For years, we have had the utmost respect for Planetree’s determination to transform healthcare worldwide, its pioneering role in advancing person-centered care and cultures of engagement, and its awe-inspiring global reach and impact. At Language of Caring, we are fanatical about the pivotal impact of communication on the human experience. We aim to help every person in every role in healthcare take the caring that drove them into a healthcare profession and make it visible, palpable and strongly felt in every interaction. With Planetree as our new home and partner, we are excited to integrate our proven communication solutions and advance our shared mission.”

Beyond bringing together both organizations’ current offerings through the merger, Planetree and Language of Caring will work together to develop new products and services to meet the growing demand for practical tools and strategies that address today’s patient experience challenges, ranging from communication lapses, health literacy gaps, clinician burnout and more.

The merger was completed earlier this month. To ensure continuity of services, Language of Caring will operate as a branch of Planetree International, maintaining its traditional working relationships with valued clients.

About Planetree International: Started by a patient in 1978, Planetree International is a global leader in person-centered care. To date, Planetree has partnered with more than 700 healthcare organizations across the continuum of care in 27 countries to implement person-centered quality improvement approaches.

About Language of Caring: Language of Caring has partnered with hundreds of healthcare systems, hospitals, medical practices, health plans, and long-term care organizations to help them achieve and sustain communities of caring. Their dynamic team of physician leaders, nurse leaders, trainers, team-builders, and culture change professionals share their passion for this work and serve as coaches, strategy partners, and facilitators with clients engaged in implementing Language of Caring solutions.

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