Reducing Change Agent Stress
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Reducing Change Agent Stress

There is no doubt that being a healthcare leader – especially one who is advocating as an agent for change in Patient Experience – can be stressful. We are besieged with an endless list of tasks, every one of which seems to be a priority. Whenever we try to get one thing done, we are interrupted – in person or by one of the electronic devices to which we are tied. With so many demands on our time, it is hard to stay focused. We try to do everything at once, but find that multi-tasking is seldom productive. Multiple things claim our attention, but none get done with full mindfulness. Too often, we wind up having to re-do things or correct mistakes, which takes up even MORE time.

How can we end this hectic and exhausting cycle? How can we make the work we so passionately believe in—that of bringing positive change to the world of healthcare —more efficient, effective and satisfying?

Below are a few tips I’ve gleaned from my reading, my own experience, and talking to others in the field:

Because we are dedicated to our work as change agents, it is hard for us to say, “I can’t do that now (or at all).” But precisely because the work is important to us, we must find ways to do it as well as possible. This means putting a stop to frantic racing from task to task, pulled in a hundred different directions, which leads to feeling stressed out and being less effective. We coach our teams in the Practice of Presence and mindfulness…as PX champions we should apply these same skills to ourselves.

I welcome your comments below.

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