Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN: Language of Caring
Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN
VP, Engagement Strategies
McKinney, TX
[email protected]
Skype ID: rhonda.y.williams

Rhonda joined the Language of Caring team in 2012 as a coach before becoming VP of Client Services. In 2019, as the Planetree International and the Language of Caring organizations merged, Rhonda continued her work as VP of Engagement Strategies. In her current role, Rhonda withs internally or systems and processes and she also works directly with clients. She helps clients identify organizational goals and milestones as they create the implementation roadmap. She also delivers coaching and services that guide them through the critical processes associated with effective program implementation and long-term results.

Rhonda’s professional experience includes executive level roles as Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Clinical Officer and Administrator/Chief Executive Officer. During her time as an executive, Rhonda was a catalyst for elevating her organization’s engagement and transforming the patient experience. Rhonda is a Registered Nurse and holds a double Master’s Degree in Nursing and Business.

On the Healthcare Experience: “I can remember spending countless hours with my nurses, providing compassionate support as they grew into amazing nurses dedicated to caring for each patient as an individual… as a human. What I realized is that, until my team felt cared for and cared about, they could not effectively care for our patients. Demonstrating caring in every interaction is key to transforming our organizations.”

Favorite Quote: “Remember, when dealing with people, we are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotion.” Dale Carnegie

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