Philippa Kennealy: Language of Caring
Philippa Kennealy, M.D., MPH, CPCC, PCC
Medical Director & Coach

Philippa Kennealy provides dynamic leadership and coaching for Language of Caring physician services. She has been coaching physicians and healthcare clients for 15+ years. She appreciates the impact and challenges of creating workplaces in which dignity, love, and the very best possible care are top priority.

A Family Physician, Dr. Kennealy was Partner in a private group practice in Santa Monica for 10 years, where she experienced firsthand the rewards and challenges of providing excellent patient care. She also served as Medical Director and then CEO of UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center for four years before becoming Executive VP at an Internet start-up. Her extensive career experience exposed her to the joys and possibilities of partnering as a coach with clients, and this resulted in her becoming an ICF-certified Coach who has been coaching physicians and C-suite healthcare executives since 2003.

On the Healthcare Experience: “I fervently believe that clinicians, who understand and cherish the sacred trust that exists in the healthcare provider-patient relationship, should be at the forefront of leading the initiatives and culture-building activities that foster service and outcomes excellence.”

Favorite quote: “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”  – Nelson Mandela

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